Did we give up?

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 16, 2004

The anniversary of Maggie Wigen's death inspired much momentum, as many community members, family, and friends of Wigen contacted political representatives and law enforcement agencies, in addition to writing letters to the Empire, seeking to increase public awareness on this issue.

However, as the anniversary has come and gone, the steady trickle of letters and articles subsided and noticeable community effort to pressure the authorities came to somewhat of a halt.

Perhaps people have run out of ideas for what to do, as well as out of hope that their actions will yield any helpful results, tired and disillusioned by empty assurances from the troopers and DA offices. Maybe we all gave up, feeling that nothing can be done.

I cannot rest with this state of affairs, as I think about my friend Maggie, her mom and her killer every day. Needless to say, my thoughts are not happy thoughts.

I obsess over the investigation failures I witnessed, knowing that the incompetent troopers are still responsible for the maintenance of our safety. I picture Maggie's killer, living free in a much larger town than Tenakee, with more opportunities than before.

The situation is wrong on so many levels. There is no justice, no peace of mind, no restoration of social balance, no relief to those who love her. What can we do to fix this?

Mariya Lovishchuk


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