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Posted: Friday, April 16, 2004

... for helping make Billapalooza a success

I don't think that there is anyway to put my feeling into words, but I want everyone who was involved in the Billapalooza Benefit - held Saturday, April 3, at the Hangar Ball Room - to know how incredibly appreciative, overwhelmed and continually amazed I am by the generosity of this community.

Thank you Collette for your time, talent and most of all your humor. Thank you to all of the local musicians who played at the benefit for keeping Billy's dream alive (a collaborative community of musicians). Thank you to the numerous individuals and businesses that donated goods, services and time. Thank you to everyone who attended the benefit and a huge thank you to my amazing friends who organized the event.

Thank you to the hundreds of people who have reached out and offered support. The last few months have been unthinkable, but I couldn't have done it without you. I feel so lucky to live in this community surrounded by so many amazing people.

Sierra Kaden


... for aiding writer's mom in her search for lost brother

I would like to send my comments and appreciation for your assistance in helping my mother at this time. Our family is anxiously waiting her and our father's arrival home, and are praying and hoping something or someone will lead her to find this man that has been recognized possibly as her brother. I personally have not met him, I have heard many good stories about him and have always said to those questions, "who would you want to meet dead or alive?" I would always respond my uncle Tony. I was born three years after his disappearance. It's very comforting to know that my mother had many people helping her in Juneau, I would like to sincerely thank the community of Juneau for their help and your newspaper for printing her story.

Denise Doolan

Gweex Miiluugum Xsgaak (Dancing Eagle)

Chief Mountain House, Nisga'a

... to Eaglecrest Ski Area and Eaglecrest ski patrol

Juneau Mountain Rescue would like to thank Eaglecrest and the Eaglecrest ski patrol for the use of facilities and their help during Juneau Mt. Rescue's accreditation by the Mountain Rescue Association. Eaglecrest has also provided access for JMR members while training for high angle snow operations and avalanche before evaluation sessions. JMR had participated in training with the Eaglecrest ski patrol in avalanche training this season.

Juneau Mountain Rescue received a full accreditation from Mountain Rescue Association, a volunteer organization dedicated to saving lives through rescue and mountain safety education. Avalanche and High Angle Snow Operations were conducted March 13, 2004.

Evaluators from MRA came from Sitka, Anchorage, Portland and Tacoma for this final evaluation. JMR certifications were completed last April in High Angle Rock and Ice and Wilderness Search Operations. Special thanks go to Peter Carter for his assistance with the MRA evaluators and providing avalanche training assistance.

Juneau Mountain Rescue is now one of 56 teams across the United States and Canada with full accreditation from the Mountain Rescue Association.

Doug Wessen

Vice president JMR

... for supporting Grandmas Incorporated

Our mission statement: "We will do our best to spend quality time with our grandchildren and provide for them positive and healthy activities that we can enjoy together and with their parents and with our community."

A small group of parents and grandparents came together for the purpose of forming a group that can focus on children's activities. Involvement with past or present programs instilled the knowledge of incorporating this project ourselves.

Thank you Central Council for your insight to see that projects like this really can work (Healthy Nations and Tribal Wellness). It is time for parent and/or grandparent groups like us to take this responsibility on. We can do our own planning, schedule projects; involve family and friends in making a "Family Wellness" project! We are looking forward to projects that include more swimming, open gym, picnics, camp night out, cultural projects, ferry trips, games, etc.! The ideas are endless and the reward will be bringing families together through alcohol and smoke free activities and projects.

Sixty-seven participants were involved in the first activities that included a night out at Aspen Hotel and then swimming at the Augustus Brown Swimming Pool. We shared stories, watched cartoons, had a picture-sharing time, photo session, pizza party and watched them enjoy swimming after swimming session! You would not believe how happy these children were; they did not mind being in the water and may have developed fins.

Thank you for making one of our dreams come true by providing us with resources to enjoy time for fun with all the children. They are so full of energy they never slowed down. It was a joy to see them fall asleep with that magic smile on there faces. We plan to have more outings and activities. As the season changes, it offers us natural resources we can explore together. We hope we receive more sponsorship from our community businesses, Native corporations, pull tab operators, public organizations and agencies. Please remember that when we do have an activity it is open to any interested community member and/or family!

A special thank you to the "Wellness Program" at Central Council of Tlingit and Haida Indian Tribes of Alaska, Tribal Family and Youth Services for providing for us the Augustus Brown Swimming Pool session. Thank you to Josie Winder; a remarkable volunteer! Thank you to Costco, Fred Myers, Pepsi and Coca Cola! Caring individuals like you make a difference in the lives of children.

Grandmas Incorporated


... to Debbie Hart for her work on UAS Wintergames

In the April 2 edition of "Neighbors," in the advertisement thanking all the sponsors and volunteers of the UAS Wintergames, a very crucial and important player was forgotten. Debbie Hart, of Friends of Eaglecrest, put in equal effort to all those who got extra special thanks and her role cannot go unrecognized. Debbie helped on numerous levels, and her time and effort contributed greatly to the success of the UAS Wintergames. Many people with the Juneau community provided their support to the event, but the ones who went above and beyond were invaluable. Thanks Debbie!

Kaci Hamilton

UAS student body president

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