Boy hero arrested in shooting incident

Posted: Monday, April 16, 2007

ANCHORAGE - Six years ago, Kevin Bruno was awarded by the city fire department for thwarting a knife attack at his elementary school that left four students seriously injured.

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But this weekend, Bruno, now a teenager, was arrested in connection with a shooting that wounded two people early Saturday after a scuffle outside an apartment.

Bruno faces two counts of first-degree assault, among other charges, police said. He was scheduled to appear in court on Sunday.

A female and a male, both juveniles, were each shot in the torso at least once, said Paul Honeman, spokesman for the Anchorage Police Department. The two were in serious but stable condition Saturday evening after surgery and Honeman said they would likely survive.

The fracas began after a group of males arrived at an apartment party in Muldoon and the people throwing it asked them to leave, Honeman said.

"They had words" and the confrontation spilled into the street, with people yelling and shoving, according to Honeman.

The newcomers got into their car to leave and then someone inside the car began shooting as it pulled away, Honeman said.

Bruno turned himself in to police Saturday afternoon after a short manhunt.

As a sixth-grader in 2001, Bruno protected other children at Mountain View Elementary after Jason W. Pritchard, then 33, slashed and seriously hurt four young boys with a filet knife, according to media accounts.

As Pritchard stabbed one boy outside the school, Bruno slammed a shoulder into him like a "football hit," knocking the assailant away, Bruno told reporters at the time.

Bruno told the boy to go to the school nurse, directed other children to run inside and pounded on windows to alert teachers.

The Anchorage Fire Department honored him with a Lifesavers Award.

Last year, Bruno was at the scene when three armed men who brought guns to a football game at Anchorage Football Stadium opened fire on other players, critically injuring one, according to court documents.

Bruno retrieved a gun from a hand bag and fired back. Bruno said he was trying to stop the men from shooting others, according to himself and other witnesses.

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