Auntie Emo posts several new recipe challenges

Posted: Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Calling all cooks. This is where you ask for and share recipes.


Auntie Emo,

"Does anyone have a recipe for Black Bean Steak Chili? Thanks."

N.V., of Juneau

"While visiting family in California I had the best corn chowder served at a restaurant called Mimi's. It was so good, and I would love to have the recipe, or one very close to it. Thanks."

M.M., of Ketchikan

"Does anyone have a recipe for 'snow pudding?' A friend of mine is looking for this. She had it when she was a child and has not found it in any cookbooks.

C.M., of Juneau

"Does anyone have a barbecue recipe that has 'some' bourbon? I cannot seem to find any in my several recipe books. Thanks for you help.

C.K., of Ketchikan

"My mother made an 'Ice Box Dessert' back in the '50s that was delicious. All I can remember is whipped cream, angel food cake broken up into generous pieces and chocolate fudge topping. It was served after being chilled in the refrigerator. Does anyone remember anything like this?"

K.B., of Ketchikan

"While visiting my mother in Ketchikan, I read your article. Can any of your readers tell me how to prepare 'blackened fish?' Thank you."

B.C., of Valdez

F.K., of Ketchikan, is still looking for a cabbage recipe.

• Ask Auntie Emo, coordinated and created by Emo Bylund, of Ketchikan, is a semimonthly feature in Neighbors that includes sought-out and shared recipes from Southeast Alaska. To send in challenges, recipes or photos, write to Ask Auntie Emo, 186 Marblehead Lane, Ketchikan, AK 99801, or to If you are responding to a requested recipe, include the publication date and author of the original recipe request. Submissions must include name, telephone number and city of residence. Only initials and city of residency will be published.

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