Marred landscape changes unique visual beauty we enjoy here

Posted: Friday, April 16, 2010

This weekend I took a drive out the road to hike Boy Scout beach and was almost brought to tears to see my favorite view of Eagle Glacier and the ice field destroyed by a huge gash in the rock face across from Eagle Beach.

It is not likely anytime soon to have foliage cover and will remain a permanent scar on the landscape. Although it may seem a minor issue to some people, little by little, over the 15 years I have lived here, I am noticing many "small destructions" which, over time, will change the unique visual beauty we enjoy here in Juneau.

I am not against maintaining our roads and improving the infrastructure of our community, but surely there must be a way to do these things without marring the landscape and leaving big eyesores.

People from all over the world spend a lot of money to come here and experience what we can go see everyday. Please don't let us become complacent and slowly cause it to look like any place else. Juneau is special.

Am I a minority in feeling this way?

Lynne Grandvoinet


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