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Posted: Friday, April 16, 2010

For the Juneau Empire

• On a cool, bright Saturday, April 10 morning the Juneau Gun Club had nine participants in their monthly Amateur Trap Association (ATA) and Pacific International Trap Association (PITA) three-event match.

The following are the match results:

EVENT 1, DOUBLES: 2 clay targets released in different directions at the same time, 16 yards from the shotgunner.

A Class Winner, Hank Masters, 84 hits/100 targets

B Class Winner, Mal Menzies, 81/100 targets

2nd Place, Pete Hudson & Steve Bennett (tied), 76/100 targets.

EVENT 2, 16 Yd. SINGLES: A single clay target released 16 yards from the shooter.

A Class Winner, Pete Hudson, 95/100 targets

2 place, Hank Masters, 92/100 targets

B Class Winner, Mal Menzies, 92/100 targets

2nd Place, Steve Bennett, 87/100 targets

C Class Winner, Bud Burnett, 92/100 targets

2nd Place Wayne Berthol, 87/100 targets.

EVENT 3, HANDICAP: A single bird is released from long yardage 25-27 yards from the shooter or short yardage, 20-24 yards from the shooter.

Long yardage winner, Hank Masters, 76/100 targets

2nd place, Pete Hudson, 72/100 targets

Short yardage winner, Wayne Berthol, 78/100 targets

Tied for 2nd place was Dennis Travis and Bud Burnett, 76/100 targets.

• On Sunday, April 11, with moderate wind, six members of Juneau Rifle an Pistol Club held a 40 and 60 shot, prone, smallbore (.22 cal) rifle match. The participants could shoot a 40-shot match, 20 shoots from 50 yards and 20 shots from 100 yards, or shoot a 60-shot match with the final 40 shots at a distance of 100 yards.

The following are the results:

(Name, rifle sight type, 50 yard score, 1st 100 yard score, match total, place, 2nd 100 yard score, total score, match place)

1. Mal Menzies (Open Sight,169 1x, 190 5x, 359 6x, 1st, 195 3x, 554 9x, 1st)

2. Rick Smith (Scope, 157 0x, 187 1x, 344 1x, 2nd 184 2x, 528 3x, 2nd)

3. Brad Flynn (Open, 156 0x, 183 2x, 339 4x, 3rd)

4. Steve Bennett (Open, 134 1x, 181 2x, 315 3x, 4th, 187 3x, 502 6x, 3rd)

5. Chris Salazar (Scope, 143 0x, 154 0x, 297 0x, 5th, 182 3x, 479 3x, 4th)

6. Linda Flynn (Scope, 115.0x, 154.0x, 269.0x, 6th)

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