Science, not politics

Posted: Monday, April 17, 2000

Should a wolf live or should it die? Does the human desire for a world without pain and suffering eliminate the need for a fox to kill a rabbit to survive? Whether we like it or not, the forces that created life also created death. Even the creator of life, with all the power and imagination to create life's vast complexities and diversities, could not design life to flourish without the necessity for life to succumb.

Today, some people with the belief that it is wrong, or somehow a sin against nature, to kill an animal are using our political system in an attempt to ignore fundamental evolutionary laws and replace them with their own ideology.

As humans, are we so naive to believe that we have the wisdom and power to denounce these evolutionary laws and replace them with our own? Humans have built an advanced social and political system that provides an order and cohesiveness necessary for people to live together. The evolution of life does not follow this man-made system, instead it is stickily governed by its own unique and uncompromising laws. It is imperative that we do not allow political ideology to prevent us from considering evolutionary laws in our coexistence with nature.

HJR56 will help keep the necessary distinction between politics and nature. It will allow humans to continue in the evolutionary process based on the scientific understanding of nature and not a political agenda. I would encourage anyone with a respect for nature to request that our Legislature and governor pass HJR56.

Ken Vorisek Fairbanks

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