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Posted: Monday, April 17, 2000

It has been 32 yearssince I've been to Vietnam and I'll never forget. Good article about the boys who went over there.

In response to the commentabout the Miller House and Johnson Youth Center - that caller was way off. I was a resident at the Miller House. At that point in my life, I had nowhere else to go. Home life was not safe, the streets were not safe and, in my state of mind, I was not safe. Boot Camp is for those who are defiant, mean and reckless. Miller House and Johnson Youth Center are for the children who need help.

I'm responding to the JohnsonYouth and Miller House caller. We don't need a boot camp. We need trained staff at both these facilities.

As a member of the AlaskaFolk Festival, I found it disturbing to learn how much of a popularity contest it can be to get chosen to perform at the folk festival. The poets and storytellers should be allowed to have three spots out of 155 during the week. What could be more folk than stories? And how is poetry different than song lyrics?

I'm a middle school student. A poet came and taught my class last week and it was really cool. I also like storytellers and folk festival. Can't we have stories at the folk festival too?

Thanks to the creative kids who decorated the folk festival fence; it looked great. Thanks to the Alaska Folk Festival for giving us a week of music and thanks to Don Drew for giving us a week of sunshine.

For all the people complaining about not being able to walk on the grass at Centennial Hall - if you had to pick up that many cigarette butts out of your lawn when the company left - you'd put up a fence too.

I was disappointed that the Empire did not cover the high school's Battle of the Bands concert. It's another example of how teens are completely left behind in this community.

Hurray for the Mackie Plan. No income tax please.

I drove by Cope Park and saw the gold rock. I thought it was great. It's appropriate for the name of the creek there and has a little bit of humor to it. We should leave it as it is -- it adds a neat little touch to that area.

Did you really have to put the picture of the swans on the front page on Friday? Now everybody and their brother will be at Dredge Lake bugging the swans.

I'd like to thank the two great guys from Jack's Plumbing and Heating that pushed my truck out of the line of traffic on Saturday afternoon. I couldn't have done it myself. There are some great people in Juneau.

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