Five Southeast runners finish Boston Marathon

Posted: Wednesday, April 17, 2002

Colleen Jones of Auke Bay was the top finisher from Southeast Alaska in Monday's Boston Marathon.

Jones, 39, was one of five Southeast residents and 35 Alaskans to complete the 26.2-mile race, which is the oldest, continuously held footrace in the United States. There were 38 Alaskans entered in the race, but results weren't available for all of them.

Jones finished the course with an official time of 3 hours, 35 minutes 22 seconds, but had a chip time of 3:30:10 (an electronic chip records the actual time on the course since it can take several minutes to reach the starting line with more than 14,000 runners in the race). Jones finished 5,629th overall, 801st among women and 644th in her age group (age 20-39).

Deborah Rudis, 48, of Juneau had an official time of 3:44:34 and a chip time of 3:36:54. Rudis took 7,044th overall, was the 1,411st female finisher and took 270th in the masters (age 40-49) division.

Frank Neff, 49, of Craig had an official time of 3:46:40 and a chip time of 3:44:08. He finished 7,383rd overall, was the 5,805th male finisher and took 2,215th in the masters division.

David Audet, 51, of Juneau had an official time of 3:48:52 and a chip time of 3:42:48. He finished 7,716th overall, was the 5,970th male finisher and took 762nd in the veterans (age 50-59) division.

Sharon Fisher, 41, of Juneau had an official time of 3:56:24 and a chip time of 3:48:44. Fisher finished 8,878th overall, was the 2,422nd female finisher and was 561st in the masters division.

Two former Juneau residents also completed the race, the husband and wife team of Michael and Lachelle Crotteau of Wasilla. Both runners posted the same official time of 3:24.09, with a chip time of 3:18.23.

Lachelle Crotteau, 28, was the top female runner from Alaska, placing 3,978th overall and 352nd among women and was 275th in her age group. She edged out Anne Williams of Eagle River, who also had an official time of 3:24.09, for top Alaska female honors. Michael Crotteau, 30, took 3,981st overall and was 3,629th among men and 2,159th in his age group.

The top Alaska male runner was Kevin Brinegar of Fairbanks, who had an official time of 2:33:42 and a chip time of 2:33:36. Brinegar, 32, finished 89th overall and was 81st among men and 68th in his age group.

Two other Fairbanks runners cracked the top-200 finishers -- Mike Kramer was 180th overall in an official time of 2:40:05 and Wayne Leder was 182nd overall in 2:40:11.

The Boston Marathon was won by Rodgers Rop of Kenya in a time of 2:09:02. The top American was Keith Dowling of Reston, Va., in 15th place at 2:13:28.

The women's winner was Margaret Okayo of Kenya, who broke the course record with a time of 2:20:43. The top American woman was Jill Gaitenby of Northampton, Mass., who took 13th place in 2:38:55.

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