Sen. Stevens doesn't serve the people

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mr. Pope writes that he views my earlier letter expressing disappointment in Senator Ted Stevens' senatorial performance (April 11) to be "a vile attack upon an Alaskan who has spent his entire life in public service." Unfortunately, Senator Stevens has not spent one minute "in public service." His entire career has been spent serving those who have bought and paid for him every election, the timber and oil industries. According to Mr. Pope, my letter attacked Senator Stevens simply because he has "failed to enshrine into law every piece of liberal aspiration ever proposed." Exactly what were those pieces of "liberal aspiration" mentioned in my earlier letter that Mr. Pope feels Senator Stevens has properly rejected? They were the support of the constitutional rights of individuals, health insurance for the 40 million people who have none, protection of the environment and support of a decent retirement for our senior citizens. "Liberal aspirations?"

I don't know if they are liberal or not (Republican President Theodore Roosevelt was the one who set aside the Tongass National Forest, part of a total of 230,000,000 acres of national forests, parks and preserves he had set aside "for the people"), but they certainly strike me as worthwhile aspirations. While I can understand why various business interests would oppose those "liberal aspirations," I can't imagine why any individual citizen would. As for Mr. Pope's question whether the thousands who have voted for Senator Stevens over the years "are so bereaved of our senses that we would continue to support an evil demon," my answer is "evidently yes."

Richard M. Burnham

Madison, Wis.

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