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Posted: Sunday, April 17, 2005

Kudos to Mr. John Colman-Pinning in his letter of April 11 for not only spotlighting the absurdities of the dominant paradigm but for also pointing out yet another example of the narrow- minded hypocrisy of U.S. society's opinions of what is and isn't acceptable and how corporations use their endless wealth, lobbyists, and multi-million dollar ad campaigns to manipulate these opinions to their favor.

I have always felt that if cannabis wasn't such a hardy plant (able to grow in virtually everybody's back yard) and was as difficult to produce as say a good liquor, corporations would be able to produce the supply needed to meet the demand without private competition, thus bringing commercial marijuana to market at very high profit margins (much as they do now with beer, wine, spirits and cigarettes). In this scenario, I can't help but imagine a whole different tune being sung about what should and shouldn't be legal by corporate America and the government entities that would reap the riches of sales and taxation of this product.

Sadly the resiliency of this plant that is not only fun to smoke but that could also replace some to many of our fabric, paper, oil, plastics, pharmacological, and perhaps yet undiscovered needs, is a threat to all that is corporate in America. Anytime you place the ability to produce and use a highly sought after product out of the market and into the hands of the individual the very foundation of profitable capitalism is threatened. This threat of increased individual freedom and decreased corporate control is counter to what is discussed in boardrooms all across this ill-informed land of sheep like followers and thus must remain an evil and vile substance with a never-ending advertisement of fabricated demons possessing any who would support its legalization and or use.

I say let's legalize the consumption of marijuana for just one day. I'd bet no one dies, kills anyone, beats up anyone, rapes anyone, loses their job, wrecks their car, or experiences any other accepted consequence that commonly occurs with use of society-approved alcohol. Just one day of legal marijuana use by all citizens and officials of the state of Alaska, then let's take another vote on whether or not to make it legal all the time.

I say let everyone experience the facts for themselves, and then they can make an "informed" decision for a change.

Jerome Thompson

North Webster, Ind.

former Homer resident

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