History will judge Bush a moron

Letter to the editor

Posted: Monday, April 17, 2006

Andy Pope's view of President Bush and Iraq ("Bush doctrine will prevail with an iron will," April 3) is myopic and misguided.

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History will judge Bush to be a politically incompetent moron who pushed the world over the precipice into a global religious war. We made an unprovoked attack on a sovereign Islamic country based on a premise of lies. Our citizens, Congress and other countries supported Bush because he cherry picked the data and deliberately fibbed to all of us. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell, a most honorable soldier, called his speech to the United Nations the worst day of his political career because of those lies.

Pope believes we are bringing freedom to millions of Muslims, that they will be thankful and that it will stop terrorist attacks. Nonsense. Billions of Muslims hate us more than ever because of Iraq. Iraq diverted our attention from pursuing Osama bin Laden. Not only have American lives been lost needlessly, we have also spent billions of dollars that should have been used here at home for greater security against future endless terrorism. Because of Iraq, we have bred far more terrorists and destabilized the Middle East. Iraq, an artificial country created by Western powers during the Great Game, is fracturing, now mere months from an outright civil war that may well drag in Iran, Syria and other Muslim countries. The Muslims don't want our Christian-modeled democracy and refuse to have it forced down their throats. The original Crusades were an abject failure that created a stronger Islamic world, not a weaker one. Unwittingly, we have created even more harm to ourselves because of this risible modern Crusade.

Also, Mr. Pope, Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Reagan didn't bring down the Evil Empire. The Soviet Union collapsed from within, because it was a lousy, corrupt system. If any leaders deserve credit, it's Lech Walesa, Mikhail Gorbachev and Boris Yeltsin. How typical that an arrogant America would take false credit, as if we were kings of the world. No wonder we're held in such disrepute and contempt, even by other Western countries.

Impeach Bush and his Dark Ages gang. It may be too late to save us from further acts of terrorism or outright war with billions of Muslims, who will soon possess nuclear weapons, but we need someone with a brain and diplomatic skills - not an intransigent, semi-literate man who substitutes iron will for intelligence and doesn't know the difference.

David Mallet


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