Don, Lew, Frank all do a great job

Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2002

I would like to make a few comments on Dee Longenbaugh's My Turn article that appeared in the April 15 paper. In that article, it was said that Juneau, on some sort of livable and tourism scale, was at a "4," which, according to Longenbaugh, was some sort of negative rating. Longenbaugh went on to say negative things about Don Smith, Lew Williams and Frank Murkowski and seemed to imply that these gentlemen were out of step with ordinary people.

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I consider myself to be one of those ordinary people that Longenbaugh makes reference to and I must say that I think Don Smith, Lew Williams and Frank Murkowski all do a great job at presenting good and rational positions on important issues such as tourism, the economy and the environment. I think that Juneau is a great place to live and that we, like all communities, need a balance when it comes to tourism and the environment. However, a viable and diversified economy is important to any community's long-term economic health.

From the negative tone of her article, the "ordinary citizen" might have to conclude that Dee Longenbaugh fits the profile of Lew Williams' "Cave Dweller" (Citizens Against Virtually Everything), which she makes reference to in her article.

Edwin Johnson


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