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Posted: Thursday, April 18, 2002

The TV screen showed Dan Rather in a way that I had never seen him. He looked like he had been pulled, pushed out of bed and set in front of the video cameras. The woman I usually rode to work with phoned and informed me she would be late picking me up. My brother and I watched the World Trade Centers crumble, sway and collapse. Even though this happened eight months ago, citizens of Juneau need to continue to act as a community. If we continue to act as a community we can help to ensure safety and peace.

Today I avoid the newspaper unless I am looking for good news or trying to grasp what concerns people in other nations. Comfortably living in "Brigadoon," I have begun to wonder what can be done to help those who are suffering. At first I thought large, but traveling to a war-torn country to offer Bullwinkle's pizza and popcorn is not feasible.

My next thought was to become involved with organizing and sending money and medical provisions to those in need. However, because I am a college student, time and money constraints do not allow that to be possible. Although I am not mediating peace talks, I believe that I and all those that would like violence to be non-existent or less prevalent can unite and help those that are suffering.

There are many abilities and talents that each of us possess. Some of us can give, others can encourage, some can serve, there are those that lead and people that teach. These skills and talents do not need to be taken to Israel, New York or elsewhere. They can be put to use in Juneau.

Below are listed the current needs and phone numbers of four Juneau-based organizations:

The Salvation Army, 586-2136, needs canned goods. Bring them to their office at 439 W. Willoughby.

The A.W.A.R.E. shelter, 586-6623, needs shampoo, feminine products, colored copy paper, art paper, volunteers (people who can use the skills they have), teachers, maintenance groups (cleaning), baby supplies, baby slings, paper and plastic cups, cleaning supplies, gift certificates and baby monitors.

The Glory Hole, 586-4159, needs food and clothing donations, volunteers, carpenters, computer equipment and household goods.

Wildflower Court, 463-8725, needs volunteers who want to interact with Wildflower Court residents.

Alisha Bird


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