Thanks for aiding Alaska Wildlife Alliance's rally

Posted: Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Alaska Wildlife Alliance ( extends a big, happy thank you to everyone who helped make our recent event and rally, Managing Wildlife in Alaska: Predators, Prey and Politics, a huge success.

The purpose of the event and rally was to inform the public of problems with current Alaskan wildlife management policies and to offer solutions along with ways to make those solutions happen.

Founded in 1978, the Alaska Wildlife Alliance is the only Alaska-based organization solely dedicated to the protection of Alaska's wildlife. The group's mission is the protection of Alaska's natural wildlife for its intrinsic value as well as for the benefit of present and future generations. The AWA promotes an ecosystem approach to wildlife management that represents the non-consumptive values of Wildlife. TheAWA does not oppose guns or ethical hunting.

We would like to especially thank our Juneau planning committee members: Bob Armstrong, Jos Bakker, Greg Brown, Andrea Doll, Pat O'Brien, Reverend Kim Poole from Northern Light United Church, JennyPursell, Alex Simon, and Mary Willson. Along with the rest of the AWA board, special thanks go to Connie Brandel and Nancy Wallace.

Many thanks go to our event and rally hosts and speakers: Joel Bennett, Greg Brown, Andrea Doll, Senator Hollis French, Nick Jans, Representative Beth Kerttula, Alex Simon, John Toppenberg, and Vic Van Ballenberghe. Thanks to Tongass Partners Documentary for the world premiere trailer of Alaska's Tongass Rainforest. Special thanks, too, to Alaska's Kit and to Dave Pijon for their participation help and participation.

Thank you, too, to authors who signed and sold books at our event: Bob Armstrong, Nick Jans, Sherry Simpson, Vic Van Ballenberghe, and Mary Willson.

Thank you to the individuals and businesses that made our event and rally so successful: Dixie Alms, Ellen Anderson, The Audubon Society, the Associated Press, Dixie Belcher, Bernadette's Fast Foods, Jeff Brown, Capitol City Weekly, Juneau Empire, Discovery Southeast, Jim Fowler from "Wild Kingdom," Friends of Admiralty Island, the Juneau Arts and Humanities staff, KTOO, Russell Heath, Hearthside Books, Patricia Hull, Dave Hunsaker, the Juneau Permit Center, the Juneau Police Department, Mary Lou King, Kim Metcalfe, Jennifer Michaels, Andy Moderow, Shannyn Moore, Mudflats, Katrina Pearson, Rozwick Giles Music, Cindy Simon,, Forest Wagner, and others who generously gave their time, advice, and support.

Many, many thanks go to all of those who attended our event and rally. Big thanks to all who made and proudly held signs. Our crowds were large, enthusiastic, and tremendously appreciated. Special thanks to all who sent post cards to Governor Parnell. Keep talking about Alaska's wildlife management issues, and keep sending in those post cards and making those calls to legislators, and keep writing those letters to editors statewide. Our voices must be heard.

Tina M. Brown

AWA Board Member and Event and Rally Organizer


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