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Posted: Sunday, April 18, 2010

Friends of the Flags will soon be installing the 50 state flags on the light standards along Egan Drive from City Hall to 10th Street. We will start at 7 a.m. April 25. Please observe the traffic signs. A Juneau Police Department officer with a patrol car will help insure the safety of our volunteers who will be wearing bright fluorescent vests.

This is the 33rd consecutive year that FOTF will be installing the flags in spring and taking them down in the fall. We are proud of our volunteers and the public that makes the donations to keep this project going.

I would like to mention two men who started with me back in 1977. Jim Carroll and Kelly Peres are still working with FOTF. Jim coordinates the volunteers. Kelly works at radio station KINY producing the Public Service Announcements, reminding the public when the flags are going up and coming down. He also reminds drivers to slow down during those times.

For many years, Steve Kikendall, manager of Tyler Rentals, has provided the manlift crane free of charge to FOTF. Thanks, Steve, for letting us use this great piece of equipment.

The Department of Transportation provides the traffic signs and cones.

If you like to see the flags flying each summer, please make a donation to "Friends of the Flags," P.O. Box 32201 Juneau, AK 99803.

Rudy Ripley,

Chairman, Friends of the Flags


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