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Posted: Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Tax days are over. The misery is done. For us right-brain folks, tax day is no fun. So bless those volunteers from the AARP, because not all the infirm are elderly.

I will vote for a measure that would give Juneau one day of rest per week from tourists. With a forecast of a 6 percent increase in tourism this summer, we have far exceeded a point of diminishing returns for the majority of the citizens of Juneau. Wouldn't just one day a week of peace and quiet be wonderful? I hope to see a ballot measure in the next Juneau election.

Why is waste management charging $150 for the acceptance of junk vehicles at the landfill? The previous operators of that landfill were able to accept vehicles, fluids and all, at no charge. Their only requirement was the battery had to be removed. What exactly is the cost they incur in processing vehicles with the fluids already drained?

Regarding the dismembered vehicle resting place opposite the high school - that parking lot belongs to UAS. The same university has been asking the Legislature for more real estate. We can thank the good governor for vetoing the expansion of the vehicle resting place parking lot.

I have a solution for Juneau's junked car problem. The city should use them to fill the potholes around town.

Legislators, please don't let the Mackie Plan die.

Obviously our legislators do not care what the voters think. Look how they voted on the land and shoot wolf plan and the Mackie Plan. Voters should have a say.

I too would like to commend Aidan and Brenda for their courage in facing the challenges they have encountered. You are two very commendable and beautiful people.

I definitely think the Alaska Folk Festival should include storytellers and poetry. Song lyrics are poems and stories.

I see that some jerk started a fire on top of a picnic table at Auke Rec and completely destroyed it. What can we do to stop this senseless destruction?

Last week, I saw a group of kids out at Twin Lakes picking up garbage and clearing the trees. I heard it was National Youth Day. I want to thank all these teens who helped clean up around our community.

Keep a good thing quiet. The swans are gone now that kids took a rubber raft and scared them off Dredge Lake.

Several days ago I found a bicycle on Douglas Highway and turned it in to the police. I hope the owners are alert enough to call the police and claim their bicycle.

As I travel about town, I see the police running around with their lights on. But as I read the police blotter - there doesn't seem to be much going on. The police blotter is not a representation of what we are paying for.

``Cathy'' is not always about fashion, the one about taxes was funny. ``Sylvia'' sometimes rivals ``Doonesbury'' with political and social commentary. These are two cartoons out of 16 that are written by women. I also like ``Alley Oop'' - good story line. I like all the cartoons. Why change?

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