Festival dances, workshops throughout weekend

Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2001

The Alaska Folk Festival offers three nights of dancing this weekend.

All dances are at the National Guard Armory next to Centennial Hall, and admission is free.

Thursday Evening Dance, April 19

9 p.m. - Juneau Polka Band of Juneau: (Dale Wygant, Steve Tada, Nathan Bastuscheck, Julia Bastuscheck, Russel Strandmann, Jim Rogers, Phil Miskowitch) Waltzes, polkas, German, Polish and others.

10 p.m. - Bushwackers of Anchorage: (Sherri Hadley, George Sleichter, Linda Zeigler, Pete Zug, Fred Carpenter, Patti Hamre) Caller: Woody Lane. Rockin' Oldtime Repertoire

11 p.m. - Fiddlestorm of Fairbanks: (Susie Hallinan, Scott Darter, Emmalisa Sparrow, Nicole Webb, Patrick Webb, Sutapa Bangerjee, Simon Crelli) Caller: Kari Lundgren. Playing with the forces of Nature - electrifying contras.

Dancemaster: Rex Blazer

Friday Evening Dance, April 20

7 p.m. - Rhythm Method of Juneau: (Bill Glude, Mary Hymer, Joyce Levine, Dale McFarlin, TJ Merry, Andrea Mogil, Shar Fox, Doug Bridges, Mike Fieldhouse) It doesn't always work, but it's lots of fun! Traditional and original rhythms with drums, flute, marimba, voice and horns.

8 p.m. - FleetStreet of Juneau: (Galen Tromble, Jim Noel, Tom Meyer, Dave Ham, Sandro Lane, Vicki Van Fleet) FleetStreet features vocalist Vicki Van Fleet and plays Jazz and swing standards and original dance tunes.

9 p.m. - Well House of Douglas: (Sean Tracy, Ceann Kinney, Doug Fanyak, Patrick Murphy) Rock-a-billy, Honky Tonk, Swing.

10 p.m. - SMY of Gustavus & Juneau: (Justin Smith, Clay Good, Albert McDonnell, Joel Bergsbaken, and Jay Caputo) Grooves.

11 p.m. - Salsa Borealis of Juneau: (Russell Sandstrom, Mike Stanley, Albert McDonnell, Mike Fieldhouse, Marc Ramonda) Delicious blend of Afro-Cuban, Latino and Brazilian ingredients served up caliente!

12 a.m. - The Bobb Family Band of Juneau: (Bob Banghart, Clay Good, Albert McDonnell, Jay Caputo, Riley Woodford, Jane Roodenburg) Western Swing, classic country.

Dancemaster: John Lager

Saturday Evening Dance, April 21

7 p.m. - Ripinski's Ghost of Haines: (Nancy Metashvili, Rob Goldberg, Len Feldman, Marty Morganbesser and Friends) Caller: Marty Morganbesser. Klezmer dances. Move to a variety of happy, sad, bittersweet tunes, with a caller.

8 p.m. - Red Hoochie and the Tomcods of Ward Cove: (Sher Schwartz, Bruce Schwartz, Terry O'Hara, Andy Pankow) Caller: Tom Paul. Southern old-time band.

9 p.m. - The Jig is Up of Juneau: (Lis Saya, Chow Taylor, Jacque Farnsworth) Caller: Lynn Basham. Irish tunes to lift your feet and spirit!

10 p.m. - The Lun(d)gren Sisters: Sibling Revelry of Fairbanks: (Judy Lungren, Kari Lundgren, Peter Apathy, Jack Fontanella) Caller: Warren Argo. Close-knit old-time tunes.

11 p.m. - Rex Blazer & Friends of Juneau: (with John Hartle, Sheri Hazeltine) Caller: Woody Lane. Cutting-edge fiddle dance tunes that rock 'n' roll.

12 a.m. - Tom, Brad and Alice of AFF 27 Guest Artists: (Tom Sauber, Brad Leftwich, Alice Gerrard) Caller: Woody Lane.

Dancemaster: Sally Donaldson

At 10:30 a.m. Sunday morning Nina Massey will lead the Dances of Universal Peace.

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