Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2001

Sting targets sale of alcohol to minors

JUNEAU - The Juneau Police Department and the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board are teaming up to fight minor consuming and slow the flow of alcohol to minors. Using a $15,000 federal grant, the cooperative effort will run through June 30.

Field compliance checks at licensed alcohol premises began this week with volunteer underage agents posing as customers. The agents, 18, have been instructed to be polite, offer real identification if requested and reply truthfully to any questions.

In last summer's series of compliance checks in Juneau, 33 licensed premises were observed. Eleven businesses made 14 sales to undercover agents, ABC investigator Ed Kalwara said.

Bus system change under discussion

JUNEAU - The Juneau Assembly's Finance Committee looked at the possibility of increased bus service at a meeting Wednesday.

The city plans to provide 30-minute bus service this summer using $165,000 in passenger fee proceeds. It would cost $494,100 to provide year-round 30-minute service with funding from the passenger fee and general funds, Capital Transit Manager John Kern said.

Finance Committee Chairperson Cathy Muoz said bus service is one of several funding issues assembly members will hear about in the next few weeks as work on the budget continues. Assembly members did not take any action on the issue.

The committee agreed to $332,100 in budget increases in next fiscal year's budget. Many of the items restore cuts the Assembly made last year, Deputy City Manager Donna Pierce said. The committee supported adding three part-time park maintenance positions, front desk clerks at the swimming pool, an information systems specialist and an emergency services manager to develop and update the city's disaster plan.

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