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Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2001

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A dentist is coming to Hoonah for a whole week. Hooray! A dentist that will take all insurance for the children of Hoonah 0-15 years of age. This time it was open to all people with insurance, not just Denali Kid Care or Medicaid. Finally we can bring our kids to someone locally without flying or ferrying to Juneau and having to spend extra money on hotels, rental cars, food, etc., oh yeah, on top of our monthly insurance payment and high deductible. We made our appointments with reassurance our private insurance would be accepted. We called several times to double check with reassurance, but alas, three hours prior to our appointment a phone call. Sorry, we have decided to only see people who have Denali Kid Care or Medicaid. Since when should a dentist or company be able to discriminate against whose children would have their teeth fixed? My only guess would be a little extra paperwork. Since when can't you spend an honest dollar? The message you bring is called discrimination against the hard working people who make too much money to be on Denali Kid care or Medicaid who pay hundreds of dollars a year to provide their families with insurance.

Michele Yandell

Can someone please tell me why JDHS has 400 parking spots for 120 teachers? What about the 700 students who also drive?

Emily White

Regardless of the fact that a new high school will be built in the future, student parking is a problem that needs to be addressed now. Students are forced to walk a half mile to get to school in all weather conditions, or face the alternative of paying ridiculously expensive parking tickets. Our college funds are being eaten away.

Laura White

I would like to know why your reporter that covered the Sen. Stevens address to the joint session of the Legislature did not mention anything about the 15 minutes of the address in which he talked about honoring veterans and how many veterans we have in this state and what we could do for veterans and so on. And continued to say that he thought the veterans pioneer bill which is in the Legislature that if we move this bill it would be a win-win situation for both groups, by honoring the veterans named to the pioneers homes and filling up the 100 plus empty beds in the pioneer system. It would also give veterans a chance to stay in a home in the location in the state in which they live, being that we have six pioneer homes around the state. The senator urged the Legislature pass this bill and said he would do everything in his power to help us from Washington. I'm sure with him being the chairman of the Appropriations Committee he could do exactly that.

Gene Dau

I commend our City Assembly for unanimously supporting keeping cruise ships in port for longer hours. It is heartening that all of these elected officials realize that the business from cruise ships is a significant part of the life blood of Juneau.

Jack Cadigan

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