Penalizing the poor

Posted: Friday, April 19, 2002

Just plain mean. That describes the bill introduced by Alaska Sen. Randy Phillips and passed by the Senate majority. It deprives Alaska's poorest citizens of Permanent Fund Dividends . There is not other way to describe it. It's jut plain mean.

Of course the excuse is to "balance the budget." Hogwash. These folks are just plain mean.

Our Legislature is elected for leadership and guidance. Their responsibility is to see that every citizen is treated fairly and has the full protection of our state.

These legislators themselves have every advantage - and incidentally are being paid handsomely by the citizens of our state. But, they are taking the easy way, and penalizing our state's poorest; the ones with no political voice. The poor are being punished for simply being poor - one more time.

Who are these mean folks? These legislators voted for this mean bill: John Cowdery, Dave Donley, Lyda Green, Rick Halford, Pete Kelly, Loren Leman, Randy Phillips, Ben Stevens, Gene Theirriault, John Torgerson, Jerry Ward, and Gary Wilkin.

They call this being "conservative" but it is just plain mean. There is no other way to say it.

Erik Lie-Nielsen


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