What's legal this season?

Fish and Game says a quick look at the rules is a must for anglers

Posted: Thursday, April 19, 2007

Note to sportsmen as they prepare the fishing gear: Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials say the job isn't quite complete without a check of this year's regulations.

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People have been calling the department with all sorts of questions, particularly about king salmon.

Charlie Swanton, regional management coordinator for the Sport Fishing Division, said many calls each year are about the so-called emergency orders issued by the department.

The orders are meant to ensure the wild stock of Alaskan fish remains sustainable. The regulations apply in all waters of Southeast Alaska unless otherwise announced.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions:

• How many rods may I use fishing for king salmon?

The use of two rods per angler is allowed from October 2007 through March 2008.

• I'm an Alaska resident. What are my bag limits this year?

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For further information, contact the nearest Alaska Department of Fish and Game office or visit: http://www.sf.adfg.state.ak.us/statewide/EONR/index.cfm

Alaska residents have a bag and possession limit of three king salmon that are 28 inches or more in length. There is no annual limit.

• I'm not an Alaska resident. What are my king salmon fishing limits this year?

Nonresidents have a bag and possession limit of two king salmon 28 inches or more in length for the month of May; one king 28 inches or longer for the remainder of the year; an annual limit of four kings 28 inches or longer for the entire year.

• How large is the king salmon quota allocation for sport this year?

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Visit Brittany Retherford's blog in which she delves a bit deeper into Southeast's natural resources.

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The Southeast Alaska sport fishery has been allocated 60,900 king salmon by the Pacific Salmon Commission's Chinook Technical Committee.

• I want to fish for ling cod around Juneau. What should I consider?

Ling cod around Juneau are somewhat rare. As of May 16, guided and nonresident anglers have an annual limit of one fish. Be sure to check the varying regulations - they can differ somewhat between Yakutat and the rest of Southeast.

Recent harvest trends have indicated that the sport allocation would be exceeded in 2007 if these additional harvest restrictions were not implemented.

• I am a charter operator. May my crew and I fish for ling cod with clients on board?

You may, but charter operators and crews are not allowed to keep ling cod on board while clients are also on board.

• I want to fillet and de-head my fish before I reach port. May I?

No, not in areas where creel surveys are being conducted. Filleting and de-heading of ling cod, king and coho salmon and nonpelagic rockfish are prohibited.

The only exceptions are if fish have been consumed or preserved on board. This does not prohibit gutting and gilling fish before returning to port.

To see a schedule of surveys, visit the department's Web site.

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