Photos: Folk Festival fun

Posted: Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring dress: Annie Bartholomew, center, dances to the music of the 35th Annual Alaska Folk Festival guest artists, De Temps Antan, Friday at Centennial Hall.

All in the family: The group, Next to You, Sittin' Next to Me performs Saturday. From left, siblings Ryan, Kelly, Sarah Canarro, Phil Hofstetter and Sarah Hanson.

In memorium: Grant Dermody plays harmonica during his Friday set. Dermody played songs in memory of his late friend, the legendary blues singer John Cephus, who Dermody met during the 17th Annual Alaska Folk Festival in 1991 when Cephus was the guest artist.

Jam session: Jamming in the Saturday Sunshine outside Centennial Hall. From left, Luc Laferté, Len Feldman, Kevin Cavanaugh and Sylvia Heinz.

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