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Posted: Sunday, April 19, 2009

This will be the 32nd spring that volunteers of Friends of the Flags will install the 50 state flags on top of the light standards along Egan Drive. We have elected to do it at 7 a.m. April 26.

Thanks to the public for the generous donations received over the years during our annual spring fundraisers. (The city doesn't fund this project, although FOTF is a city advisory committee.)

Some have asked, "Why buy new flags every year?" We learned the hard way that this is necessary. Some of the flags are more open to the elements, like around by Gold Creek. With the Southeast exposure, the high winds will fray the ends of the flags, making them look pretty sad by the end of one season.

Tyler Rentals provides the manlift used to install the flags. They have done this for a number of years. General Manager Steve Kikendall does this as a public service. Thanks, Steve. Thanks also for help from dispatcher Mike Allison, who makes the arrangements for transporting the manlift.

Of course, special thanks go out to the volunteers who donate their time and energies to this project.

KINY/KSUP radio stations have provided public service announcements for us the past 32 years. Operations Manager Kelly Perez was right there from the beginning, making the PSAs and alerting the public when our flag volunteers will be on the streets.

The Juneau Police Department will assist FOTF on April 16 by providing an officer with a patrol car. We ask that you please, when driving through the sign zones, go slowly. It will be appreciated.

Rudy J. Ripley

Chairman, Friends of the Flags


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