Let us vote on the Mackie Plan

Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2000

This letter is in regards to the Mackie Plan. I like Sen. Jerry Mackie's plan except for one thing, which I will talk about later in this letter.

Voters of Alaska wake up and take a long hard look at your state senators and representatives. They do not want you to get this money because they want to use it themselves. Think very hard about this, they have been trying to get into the permanent fund for a few years now. It will not be long before they do.

Then there will not be a penny for you or me. So let's remember who voted for us not to get this money or who just did not vote at all. And remember to not vote them back into office. I believe if we do not get a payoff, we most likely will not see anymore permanent fund payments. Once the senators and representatives start getting into it, there will be no more permanent fund checks for any of us.

What they fail to understand is, this money belongs to the residents of Alaska, not just to the senators or representatives. So they should vote yes and give us the right to vote on this one way or the other.

Senators and representatives, this is our money - not yours - so stop thinking you know what's best for us. Let us vote on this plan.

The older residents of Alaska will not be around for many more years. This would be great for them. Or do you people even care?

One thing I feel is wrong about the Mackie Plan is - it should be $50,000 or, at least, $35,000. Of course, $25,000 is better than nothing.

One last statement. It is very possible that they could get into the fund very soon. If this happens, no more permanent fund payments. It could happen in the next year or two.

Dale Perez Juneau

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