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Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2000

Our governor is right. The initiative process should be available for fish and game decisions. In our state, like most states, these decisions are controlled by a handful of commercial interests to the detriment of the general public.

Alaskans, we have privatized the present system and privatized mental health and planning on privatizing social services. Let's fire all the politicians and privatize Alaska. We can hire Donald Trump or Bill Gates to be the CEO. At least, they would know how to get the job done.

I feel sorry for Kmart having all the cars dumped on them. I also feel equally sorry for the property owners who are going to be taxed for all the dumped cars. I'd like to see CBJ get in gear and fine the people who are dumping cars all over Juneau. The assembly is going in the wrong direction. We need to make the people responsible pay.

To the person wondering why Waste Management charges $150 to take junk cars - it's a business trying to make a return on their investment.

Junked cars also include all heavy metals such as furnaces, washing machines and dryers.

I think it is great that all the cars are being cleaned up. Thanks to everybody involved.

I hope by now that everybody realizes that the Mackie Plan was just some cheap posturing by another political hack. What a sham.

Let the voters decide whether to kill the Mackie Plan or not.

I think the Senate is trying to kill the Mackie Plan so they can keep the money for themselves and spend it. It is our money and we should be able to vote on the Mackie Plan.

These so-called Democrats endorsing Don Young for Congress should change their party registration to Republican. You are not a Democrat if you support Don Young.

How about getting more Care-a-Vans? They are doing a tremendous job for the seniors but they could use a few more to deal with the overflow.

I guess I'll be canceling my subscription to the paper after the article that ran on the front page about the person who had a sex change. It really opened my eyes to how low society has sunk. I hid the paper from my children.

I was really disappointed that I didn't see any storytellers or poets at the Alaska Folk Festival. I've really enjoyed their performances in the past.

I can't understand why or how the assembly authorized $800,000 to fix the football field at Adair-Kennedy. A few years ago, we used to grade the field and spend a day picking up the big rocks. We spent the big money educating the kids.

I too would like to see a ballot measure to reduce tourism.

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