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Posted: Sunday, April 20, 2003


I think the people who have children should be burdened with the tax. The more children, the higher the tax. I don't have children, therefore, why should I have to pay a tax for education?

Instead of a pile of various taxes, just do a state tax. We could at least then deduct that from our federal taxes.

It's easy to see why Frank Murkowski favors this kind of income tax: To a rich guy like him, $100 is nothing, but to those of us who survive on middle or low incomes, it's a serious chunk of change.

This is just one more tax the governor said he wouldn't impose on us.

A flat tax is completely unfair to those most unable to pay.

Frank Murkowski promises "no income taxes" then proposes a $100 tax on your paycheck. I'm disgusted with this kind of double-talk.

The governor's nickel and dime approach to balancing the budget is not going to work. It is time for a responsible political leader to step forward and propose a graduated income tax that will get the job done.

Any such tax should be based on a sliding scale so that people who make the most money pay the most.

A flat dollar tax is even more regressive than a flat percentage tax. This proposal taxes only wages and not other income such as interest and dividends. It is the most punitive, regressive, and cynical tax imaginable.

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