Thinking 'closely and clearly'

Posted: Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Your Empire Editorial of April 18, 2004 (Facing gay marriage issue on two fronts) said:

"Those who oppose gay marriage should think closely - and clearly - about why they do. How often is it because of deeply held religious beliefs? If their spiritual beliefs are behind their opposition to gay unions, then they should act on those convictions within their churches, synagogues or mosques."

What that says is that religion is OK as long as it is kept behind walls and out of the public. The funny thing is, the right you have to put that in your newspaper is listed in the First Amendment to the Constitution right after the right to freely exercise religion. What you are saying amounts to the idea that roughly 80 percent of the people of the world have no right to a say in government.

Does the Juneau Empire believe that, or were you just saying that people with religious convictions should have no public say on civil rights issues?

What makes a religious belief different than a nonreligious belief?

If a person believes God's moral laws trump civil rights, should that person be denied civil rights?

Kurt Cox


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