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Posted: Thursday, April 20, 2006

In Alaska

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• In 1889, Lyman E. Knapp took office as the third governor of the district of Alaska, appointed by President Benjamin Harrison.

• In 1935, the steamer North Sea, Northland Transportation Co., arrived in Juneau on her first Alaska voyage.

In the nation

• In 1836, the territory of Wisconsin was established by Congress.

• In 1971, the Supreme Court upheld the use of busing to achieve racial desegregation in schools.

• In 1980, the first Cubans sailing to the United States as part of the massive Mariel boatlift reached Florida.

• In 1999, the Columbine High School massacre took place in Littleton, Colo., as two students shot and killed 12 classmates and one teacher before taking their own lives.

• In 2001, two therapists were convicted in Golden, Colo., of reckless child abuse in a young girl's suffocation death during a "rebirthing" therapy session. (Connell Watkins and Julie Ponder were later sentenced to 16 years in prison.)

• In 2005, President Bush signed a bill making it harder for debt-ridden people to wipe clean their financial slates by declaring bankruptcy.

In the world

• In 1945, during World War II, allied forces took control of the German cities of Nuremberg and Stuttgart.

• In 1968, Pierre Elliott Trudeau was sworn in as prime minister of Canada.

• In 1972, the manned lunar module from Apollo 16 landed on the moon.

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