There's still a bastion of acceptable hate

Letter to the editor

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2007

Had Don Imus said "dykes, or faggots" there would have been no uproar. Heck, those words do not earn a collective yawn.

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The controversial talk show host simply needs to be reminded that it's 2007 and the band of minorities that it's socially acceptable to hate has narrowed, and the venue is the vote, not the mouth.

To the "Yes" voters in the recent statewide advisory election who deny they're hate-filled, I ask, what else could it be when they go out of their way to keep me and my family down? What else could it be when, over and over again, their actions and votes have no purpose other than to harm my family?

I just read that our governor personally favored the "Yes" vote. I would like to ask her why she wants to hurt my family. Why does she want to make our life harder than everyone else's? What have we ever done to her? If it makes her feel any better, she is doing a good job of making our lives harder.

I can remember when I was a younger woman, I would lie cozy in bed with my wife, lean over her and whisper tenderly in her ear, "Honey, do we have enough money to take the kids to the dentist?"

Linda Orr


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