Suspected bomb was a Mr. Coffee

Bomb scare called honest mistake; no arrest made

Posted: Friday, April 20, 2007

Authorities said Thursday no charges would be filed in a bomb scare that led police last week to shut down a section of downtown Juneau near the State Office Building for more than six hours.

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The suspected bomb turned out to be a coffee maker, said Sgt. Dave Campbell, a police spokesman.

"Your standard Mr. Coffee drip-style coffee maker," Campbell said.

Investigators determined neither the coffeepot nor the backpack holding it was left to create a scare, he said.

The backpack was found under a 6,000-gallon tank of diesel fuel. Personal items found with the coffee maker led police to the owner, Campbell said.

Authorities declined to disclose the owner's name.

"He was very forthcoming," Campbell said. "From his perspective, it was his property that he put somewhere he thought was a safe place. But unfortunately security saw it and proceeded from there."

No damage or injury resulted from the incident last Thursday.

Kevin Brooks, deputy commissioner of facilities, said that private security patrols have been increased around the double-walled fuel tank.

Brooks also said that security had been increased in other ways, but he was not free to discuss the new measures.

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