No wonder burglaries are on the rise

Posted: Sunday, April 20, 2008

In my opinion, misclassifying rape is not the only area in which the Juneau Police Department is falling down on the job.

On Friday afternoon, April 11, our daughter came home from work after picking up her 14-month-old son from daycare. When she entered the house and went down to the lower level, she found that a window had been forced open in the baby's room and the slider in the family room also was open.

Our daughter and son-in-law are extremely conscious of security, especially with a new baby. Their windows and doors are always locked, and the slider has a bar in the bottom for added security. This had been removed.

We suspect that the intruder(s) may have left when they heard her enter the house. She immediately called JPD and was told that someone would be out right away. Meanwhile, she was not to touch anything or even enter the rooms so they could look for evidence and damage. JPD did not show up, so after a reasonable time a second call was placed. Again, she was told that someone would be out. Finally, after several hours, an officer called and took a report over the phone. His comment was, "Well, if you see any evidence or damage, be sure to call us back."

Our son-in-law is a Juneau firefighter who works very hard to protect all of us. I wonder how a police officer would feel if his or her house was on fire and no one showed up in response to the call - if he or she was told by the fire department to be sure to call them back if there was any evidence or damage.

This lack of response upset the entire family - as well as friends and co-workers - especially since there have been several incidents of breaking and entering in the Lena Loop area in the past couple of weeks. One involved a woman who walked in on an intruder when she came home from work. Fortunately for her, the man ran. However, the outcome could have been much different. Another friend of ours who lives in the Valley recently scared off a man who was trying to break into his apartment through a window. Though the burglar ran off, the apartment next door was broken into the very next night.

Is JPD so understaffed and overworked that they ignore breaking and entering? There were pry marks on at least two windows of the lower level of the house. No wonder burglaries are on the rise around Juneau - they know no one will bother to check it out.

Bonnie Ullman


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