No truck or boat for now

Posted: Friday, April 21, 2000

Darn, darn, darn. The Mackie plan won't go through and I had such high hopes. I figured with my two kids, I'd get $75,000. After taxes, it would be about $54,000. I was going to buy a new truck and that boat I always wanted. I'm sure I would have found some other way to pay for my kids' college or actually they could just get a job. Besides what they don't know wouldn't hurt them. Snicker, snicker.

After they reach 18 years old, they won't even know about the PFD they could be getting for the rest of their lives. This year we'll probably get around $1,900 and maybe $2,200 next year. I figure in 10 years, it will be maybe $5,000.

But, that $25,000 would have been so nice. Oh, yes. I mean $18,000 after taxes. I don't really care about my grandkids, if I have any, because they won't know and that's their problem anyway. Even if I didn't get that truck and boat, I could invest the money in stock and make a killing like the 25 percent loss I've taken in the last three weeks. After all, I'm sure I know more than the professional investors working for the PFD.

Well, thats all gone now. I'll just keep getting that ever-increasing check for the rest of my life.

John Lee Juneau

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