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Posted: Friday, April 21, 2000

Regarding the editorial about jury duty, it is necessary. But, what about the people who are self-employed or work for the minimum wage? The $25 stipend does not pay the rent. Not everyone is a state employee.

As usual in Alaskan politics, where men are men, it is a good woman who cut through the bull. Thank you Drue Pearce. It's about time an Alaska politician stood up to the tourism industry and made them pay their due. Make no mistake, tourism is an industry just like mining, timber and fishing. After the gutless way that Southeast Alaska city governments back-stabbed each other on the head tax, it's refreshing to see someone demanding what is fair for Alaska as a state.

I'm incensed about the hypocrisy of the legislators who are saying that one of the reasons they have to eliminate the public's right to initiatives regarding wildlife management is because we are too easily influenced by outside money. Get real. The Legislature is influenced by money every day on such issues as oil, tourism, alcohol, same-sex marriage and abortion - just to name a few.

Well, Vermont did it. Let's do it here. Let's give the homosexuals of Alaska the same rights that married heterosexuals have. They are not criminals. We are all created equal in the eyes of God.

To the person who hid the paper from the kids about the sex change operation: Wake up, we are in the 21st century and out of the closet on that subject. Let your kids grow up with an open mind.

I just got my light bill. I'm disgusted with AEL&P. My bill jumped up $44 this month. They are charging the people too much.

As a former Democrat, I'm proud to be a supporter of Don Young, Frank Murkowksi and Ted Stevens. These three gentleman have gotten Juneau, and the rest of the state a heck a lot of money that has made our state a better place. Sorry the Democrats are so disappointed but if they want to see a Democrat elected, their party better move to the political center.

I don't believe the Associated Press poll that states most Americans are in favor of gun control. When anti-gun people can prove that inanimate objects can hurt you all by themselves - then, and only then, should they be listened to. Firearms are the cornerstone of this country.

In response to the school board action on the social study curriculum, my roots are western European. I want my child to have a view and a deep understanding of the global world including Alaska cultures.

Our legislators don't have the cajones to set the penalty that if somebody is killed by a drunk driver and that driver is convicted - they get the death sentence.

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