Pumping iron in Juneau

Bodybuilder Pavitt extols virtues of healthy lifestyle

Posted: Thursday, April 21, 2005

Juneau bodybuilder Corey Pavitt doesn't want to present himself as a preacher, espousing the gospel of healthy diet and exercise.

But Pavitt can't help being a living testimonial to how daily activity and committing to a healthy lifestyle can pay dividends.

"I don't really want to sound like an evangelist, but it's a wonderful lifestyle in its truest form," Pavitt said of bodybuilding. "It's better to be focused, disciplined and to exercise regularly. Most bodybuilders don't even compete. It's only a minority of them that gets on stage."

Last Saturday Pavitt, 46, captured the master's division bodybuilding championship at the Oregon Ironman Bodybuilders Championships.

A competitive bodybuilder since the 1980s, Pavitt knows what it takes to fine-tune a physique.

"Actually, there are no secrets," Pavitt said. "The only secret is consistently training hard month and month."

He focuses on compound exercises - drills that use different joints simultaneously - during weight training, as opposed to exercises which isolate one particular muscle.

Also, weight training makes up only a small portion of Pavitt's overall regimen. He works out with weights for only 60-to-75 minutes per session. In addition to pumping iron, Pavitt hikes, maintains a careful diet and tries to stay active.

During competition time, he turns up the intensity a little bit more.

"I'm more active, I do more hiking and I'm more careful about my diet," Pavitt said of preparing for a competition. "I feel good and it feels good to be training hard and making improvements."

Pavitt, a Juneau chiropractor, started bodybuilding when he was 16 after being introduced to the sport by his karate instructor.

He captured the light heavyweight title and finished second overall in the 2001 Mr. Alaska competition and bested 18 competitors in Portland last Saturday to earn the master's division title.

"Just the camaraderie was fantastic and everyone was very supportive of each other," Pavitt said of Saturday's competition. "We're all well into our 40s and we we're proud that we're healthy. None of us are all that hung up on who's going to be the top dog."

Pavitt believes bodybuilding is an activity everyone can benefit from. In the sport's purest form, bodybuilding is not about bulging biceps or massive pectoral muscles but about showing off the fruits of hard work and dedication.

"I think it's doable for anybody," Pavitt said. "That's the beauty of bodybuilding. It's about improving yourself and it doesn't matter at what level. Anyone exercising, losing fat and gaining muscle is bodybuilding."

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