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Posted: Friday, April 21, 2006

A lady writes in the Empire on March 31 (Andrea Sunshine Florendo, "Treat all murders equally") decrying the different legal treatment, depending upon circumstances, given to taking the life of a child in the womb. She was reacting to Senate Bill 20 that purposes to treat a child in the womb in the same manner as a person who is already born. This appropriately recognizes the right to life of the unborn child. Abortion has to be exempted from the reach of the proposed law, however, because our society has embraced it as an acceptable practice. In other words, killing a baby that a mother wants is murder while killing a baby that a mother does not want is not murder. It's simply crazy.

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This, of course, points out the upside down world we live in when we try to defend and justify something which is indefensible and unjust. One has to check common sense and logic at the door when confronting the dichotomy which abortion presents in our society. We want to preserve the image that our society recognizes the inherent worth of a child in the womb when, in fact, the laws of our land say just the opposite. We can't have it both ways and therein lies the terrible legacy of legalized abortion. It spreads its death-dealing philosophy throughout our society and corrupts our institutions. Truth and logic are victims. We allow our doctors, who should be viewed only as healers and life givers, to step across the line and dish out death as requested. And many who like to view themselves as champions of the weak and the defenseless have been corrupted and are now militant supporters of abortion even to the extent of defending virtual infanticide.

The right to life of the child in the womb and the dignity that the child deserves is not conferred by the state or the mother or some court. It is inherent to the child regardless of the circumstances of the pregnancy of the mother. Abortion is unnatural and perverse. It represents a betrayal of the most fundamental relationship we can think of, that of a mother and her child.

I agree with the writer of the letter on March 31. No use trying to make any sense of it all now that we have welcomed abortion into our lives.

Sidney D. Heidersdorf


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