Gen. Apathy and the Confederacy of Dunces

Letter to the editor

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2004

Your front page article on Alaska Republican Party chairman/government appointee Randy Ruedrich reads like something out of the "Confederacy of Dunces." In addition to Mr. Ruedrich's alleged blunderings, I find it disconcerting; might I say, even embarrassing, to read that the chief of staff of the governor of Alaska "does not know how to use a computer and does not send his own e-mail."

Perhaps I'm missing something here, but it leads me to wonder how much he gets paid a year, versus his secretary who, as inferred from the article, may have taken a hit for what appears to be Mr. Clark's lack of basic skill sets.

Thanks for keeping us "forewarned and forearmed." One can only hope that the citizens of Alaska will rise up to defeat the army of General Apathy this election year.

V. Thomas


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