Charitable kindness mixes with brute force at the fights

Boxer donates his earnings to Red Cross of Alaska

Posted: Sunday, April 22, 2007

One of the competitors in Friday's Roughhouse Boxing at Marlintini's Lounge decided to give back after his fight.

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Chris Landfear, 25, a second-time fighter, defeated middleweight newcomer Ryan Lynch, 21, in a close bout with boxers trading multiple shots to the head.

Lynch, with a spiked Mohawk hairdo, donated his prize earnings to the Red Cross of Alaska. Lynch might be glad he donated the money to the Red Cross, with the bloody nose he received after a hard shot.

Here are the results of the rest of Friday's bouts:

• Friday's main event featured Rudy Vonda defeating Wayne "Fu" Smallwood in a four-round decision.

Smallwood adjusted his style after the first round, swinging lower after missing some big punches in the first round against the short, stout Vonda. Vonda landed a hard blow to Smallwood's head to end the second round as both fighters went the distance.

• Israel native Nadav Levinson, 22, defeated Aaron "Aalona" Brown, 21, of Juneau, by decision.

The two first-time fighters put on one of the evening's better bouts.

The taller Levinson started strong from the opening bell, delivering two standing eight counts. In round two, Brown came alive with an aggressive assault that evened up the contest.

Brown maintained the pressure in round three, but it was too late as Levinson earned the decision.

• In a rematch, 18-year-old Erika Judson again defeated Leslie Lozada, 22, in a tough battle that had fighters repeatedly pummeling each other's bodies.

Judson packed a powerful right hook, putting all her weight behind the punches.

• Local accountant Paul "The Jaw" Weseman, who won two bouts in March, added another win to his record when the referee disqualified his opponent, Nick "The Nightmare" Morgan.

The bout resembled more of a wrestling match than a boxing match as four burly bouncers pried them apart repeatedly until referee Joe Isturis called the fight.

• Roughhouse veteran heavyweight Walter "Showstoppa" Brown, 25, won a decision over newcomer Bruce Witt Jr., 36, of Anchorage.

Witt, who said he was fighting for "poops and giggles," was the aggressor most of the bout but was knocked down in the first round as Brown caught him with a right hand.

Brown went the distance and used his experience to win the bout.

• Shawn McKey, 45, defeated Josh Rago, 31, in a battle of heavyweights.

Rago, dressed in brown Carhartt bibs, circled the taller McKey in trying to land punches. McKey, however, used his reach advantage to score the victory.

• In an all-Juneau lightweight bout, 27-year-old rookie Jeremiah Beedle knocked off previously undefeated Jimmy Kahl, 32.

Beedle trained with Southeast Showdown heavyweight champion Russ Stevens for about four months prior to facing Kahl, who entered Friday's bout with a 1-0 record.

• Kolt Garvey, 21, defeated Anthony "Gonza" Gonzalez, 24, after two rounds of action.

Gonzalez ducked and dodged Garvey's blows early, but Garvey used his reach and aggression to score the win.

Boxing returns to Juneau on May 11 with the Southeast Showdown.

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