Russian Olympiad takes over Thunder Mountain High School

Posted: Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three Russian students in Juneau won top honors and a chance, if they choose to apply, for a free trip to Russia in the district's State Russian Olympiad last week.

The top winners, in order of placement, are Matthew Sperber of JDHS, Tiana Massey from Thunder Mountain, and Lauren Pratt from JDHS.

Students who participated in the Olympiad competed in oral speech, geography, culture and declamation, said Janna Lelchuk, the district's Russian teacher.

The trips are paid by American Council of Teachers of Russian.

This is the last year the Olympiad will be held in Juneau, as next year, Russian will be offered only at Thunder Mountain. Reciprocally, Japanese will only be offered at JDHS.

Assistant superintendent Laury Scandling said the cuts, decided last year, are to do with lost instructional time when teachers are traveling between schools, as well as the associated costs.

Each school will continue to offer French, Spanish and Tlingit.

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