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Posted: Sunday, April 23, 2000

Surprising support

Congressman Don Young said he was surprised by the breadth of support he attracted recently on a land conservation bill. During a Juneau Chamber of Commerce forum Thursday, he said he found an unusual coalition forming during a recent rally in Washington.

``Here's the Sierra Club on one side of me; here's the NRA on the other,'' Young said. ``I was in a state of shock.'' He didn't say which group was on the left and which was on the right.

Where's that?

It seemed funny when the local paper in Cole Camp, Mo., printed a piece about a former local now living in ``Jeneau,'' Alaska. But do they know something we don't? Credit card receipts printed out for a while by the Federal Building Post Office listed its city address as ``Jeneau.'' ``Not so much a capital-move concern, but a capital name change,'' wrote one concerned reader.

Where's that?, Part II

And speaking of mangled names, here's our favorite mispronunciation of the week. A caller from D.C. informed us of a group in ``Cay-key'' was about to get a grant. ``Where?'' we asked. Turned out it was Kake, which is one of easiest-to-pronounce town names in Southeast. (At least to us.)

The past repeats itself

This could have been a scene from the Alaska Folk Festival. ``Captain Klein, the well-known sign artist, had his nose badly bruised on the wharf today. A painter by the name of Caine made a vicious attack on him with a banjo, and cut his face up so badly that a doctor's services were required.'' It's from the Aug. 13, 1900, Alaska Daily Dispatch. Do we need locks on banjos?

Gas, gas, gas

Sure gas is expensive, but THAT expensive? One side of the price sign at Fishermen's Bend last week listed $2.67 gas. But relax, the other side said $1.67. Meanwhile, one downtown station is at $1.99 for the expensive stuff. It's not their fault, they have to pay more too, but that's painfully close to $2 a gallon. Ouch!

Everybody, now

Some folks on stage at the Alaska Folk Festival ask the audience to sing along. But last Sunday night's MC, magician-musician Jeff Brown, inspired them to yell. Brown printed bingo cards on the back of the concert program -- 19 different ones. So when the final letter-number combination was picked, a handy number of attendees called out, as one, BINGO!

Literary fun

Yellow posters are turning up around town -- including on the library bulletin board in the foyer of the downtown parking garage -- saying, for ``a good time with Emily, call Hearthside Books.'' Of course, the catch is that the 8- by 11-inch posters are covered with photos of a very spinsterish Emily Dickinson, the noted Amherst, Mass., recluse poet of few words.

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