Heartfelt condolences

Posted: Sunday, April 23, 2000

It was with great sadness that we learned today of the deaths of Martin Richard and Ladd Macaulay. I happened to be listening on the internet to Pete Carran's ``News of the North,'' when he announced that two people from Juneau had died in an auto accident on Seward Highway; then the State Troopers announced their names. Shortly thereafter my son-in-law, Tom Stewart, called to tell us the news. While he was talking to his mother, I glanced over to see her crying quietly by the phone. To tell the truth, I felt like crying myself.

I didn't know Martin Richard well, but I was acquainted with him. I knew him as a fine and talented person. I had worked closely with his wife, Jill, when she was a nurse at the hospital. My heart goes out to her and all of Martin's family in their loss.

Connie knew Linda and Ladd Macaulay well through Northern Light United Church, where they and their families attended. We were close, good friends for many years. We also know and feel close to all their children - Cindy, Amy Jo, Jerry, and Andy - and their families. Amy Jo and Andy were, briefly, patients of mine before they grew into adulthood, and the Macaulay grandchildren were also, before my retirement. Theirs was a very loving and close family. Those children have lost a wonderful father and grandfather.

Ladd and his family started the DIPAC hatcheries that have been so important to the Juneau community. Though there were many others involved in the creation of the DIPAC Hatchery and Visitors Center, it always reminded me most of Ladd Macaulay. That center itself, popular with locals and visitors alike, could be a memorial for Ladd. The Macaulays were an old Juneau family, and had many connections through the business and the education community. Along with the the church, (there are) state offices, the city and state governments, and just good friends from over the community. There will be many expressions of sympathy and respect coming to them in their time of grief and loss.

Connie and I extend our deepest and heartfelt condolences to the families of these fine men in this time of sorrow.

Kenneth and Connie Moss

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