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Posted: Sunday, April 23, 2000

On the day before Earth Day, you have Warren Wiley calling conservationists greedy, beady-eyed, wussy dweebs, and I'm not impressed. I would like you to get rid of Warren Wiley and get someone, if not more intellectual, at least more interesting.

In Word of Mouth Friday it said Vermont did (gay unions), so let's do it. Well, if all the other states are smart enough not to do it, why should we do it? At the end of the message it says we are all equal in the eyes of God. The truth is, if you look it up in any Scripture, you will find that God says if any man lays down with another man he shall be shunned and dammed.

I'm calling in regard to the person who wrote about Vermont did it, let's do it for homosexuals in Alaska. I've got one thing to say about all being equal in the eyes of God: God made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve.

To the person that griped about their electrical bill jumping, that's part of the cost of the avalanche. If you really want to see a shock, see what it cost DOT to clean it up. It was an expensive show. We've all got to pay our part.

That was a joke, right, the caller who called in and said permanent fund dividend checks would be growing a couple hundred every year and be up to $5,000 every year? Anybody who believes we're going to be getting $5,000 from the permanent fund is crazy.

I find it funny, all these people who call in and all they want to do is cut government, cut government, cut government, but then when a program gets cut like the city's mental health then everybody complains. I wonder what these people think the government getting cut is going to be. When you cut government you cut jobs, which puts people out on the street. You cut programs, like the health and social services for the city.

I just wanted to inform the confused caller who said he couldn't afford something because he didn't work for the state. Working for the state provides excellent health and retirement, although they are taking some of that away. The benefits are the main reason people work for the state. Salary, on the other hand, doesn't even begin to compare with the private sector.

I'd like to respond to the homosexual comment in Friday's paper. We are all created equal in God's sight and he does not discriminate between us. Furthermore, he does not want us to die a spiritual death. He sent a perfect sacrifice to us. If we would embrace Jesus Christ and would turn from our perversion, he would allow us to live.

About this Elian thing: let's get off of it now. And about issues about violence in the Lower 48: let's focus on the state of Alaska and what's happening in our own state.

Has anyone noticed that Gail Phillips is pulling her put-off tactics for big industry? Remember our tobacco tax? Now she's working for the tourism industry and stalling the tourism tax. Who do you work for Gail - the state of Alaska, or the tobacco companies and the tourism industry?

If my vote on the aerial wolf hunting was deemed invalid, then those votes that put the legislative dum-dums in office should also be considered invalid.

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