Men, dogs, blue bags

Posted: Monday, April 23, 2001

I love animals - all and every kind! I always have. I feel everyone should be able to experience the pure, unconditional love shown by a family dog or cat, to a more hostile Homo sapien species.

While we don't presently have a dog living with us, we do have a cat who literally believes that the heavenly light shines out of her and that she can do no wrong.

Because we are obviously "civilized" and like to have our pets live indoors with us, and because doggies haven't yet evolved to a more collective use of litter boxes, CBJ put in place, yet another orderly, ordinance. The 92-27 Ordinance, or the infamous and to many, it would seem, the totally ridiculous "pooper scooper" ordinance.

To abide by this ordinance, it must take a rather high degree of undiluted courage and a healthy dose of humility for a man to bend over and deftly "scoop" up a fresh, steaming pile of big-dog doo-doo, then maneuver it into a teeny blue-plastic bag, then carry it caringly to dump in the appropriate waste container. While most women can not like to do this either, they certainly have, and I may be on very shaky ground here, the intestinal fortitude to take care of that particularly onerous chore. Perhaps this enviable trait is attributable to innate maternal instinct? Well, we all know, that in an evolutionary sense, the female can endure far more pain than can the male of the species.

You ask, what's the point here?

Recently, I've been in e-mail communication with CBJ officials about ordinances that are not enforced and realistically are likely not even enforceable, since "they are way too labor intensive" - comes back my answer.

Meanwhile, our Basin Road, pure-water shed, is oozing with fresh leaching and trackable doggie doo-doo.

Alan R. Munro


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