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Posted: Monday, April 23, 2001

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Residents of North Douglas should know that putting your garbage out late at night is not bear friendly and lately it doesn't seem to be people friendly. If JPD doesn't catch up with the children who are getting their kicks by dumping these garbage cans, karma will. As I have picked up more than my share of the garbage of North Douglas residents, I ask that you please note that there are recycling facilities here in Juneau. Glass, aluminum, newspaper, tin and even cardboard. Also the city does hazardous waste drop-offs every few weeks.

Melissa Roberts

Before the memory of the past ski season gets away, I would like to thank the management and staff of Eaglecrest for maintaining a family atmosphere at the ski area. While waiting in line at the Ptarmigan lift I overheard a staff person informing a couple of skiers that if they didn't clean up their language they would lose their ski pass. Thanks Eaglecrest.

Marlin Bricker

In response to the letter written regarding the recent unprofessional behavior from the dentist and staff in Hoonah, I'd like to know who was responsible for the decisions made in Hoonah last week. My children were denied services because we were willing to pay cash. I made six calls to four different agencies and I still do not have an answer. The parents without Denali Kid Care or Medicaid deserve an explanation.

Jane Sullivan

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