Juneau dissent is healthy to explore

Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2003

People who equate criticism of the Bush administration with being anti-America are proving only that they do not have any understanding of what this country is about. Dissent is written into the U.S. Constitution and has been supported by all of the philosophers and statesmen since. Objecting to dissent is a non-thinking, simplistic reaction. If dissent were not allowed, this country would be a very different one from the one we love.

Let me put it into simplistic terms. Say that I object heartily to, and worry about and resist the plans and policies of Juneau's mayor or the Juneau Assembly. Does that make me "anti-Juneau?" Does that mean that I hate Juneau? Heavens, no. Nothing of the sort. I love Juneau and want it to do well. It means only that I don't have the same response or proposed solutions as they do to current problems and outlooks. I'm well aware, as should be those so quick to label as un-American those who disagree with the U.S. government, that mayors and assemblies and U.S. administrations linger for awhile then move on. The city, the state, the nation remain.

Elva Bontrager


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