Forest Service brings smiles, food, appliances to Glory Hole

Posted: Wednesday, April 23, 2003

Forest Service employees from the Alaska Region Regional Office in Juneau wanted to make a difference for the men, women and children that use the Glory Hole's services.

A two-week food drive and some hints from the Glory Hole staff enabled the Forest Service to supply some much-needed foodstuffs, appliances and even some cash to the shelter.

"We wanted to make sure we were giving the Glory Hole what they needed," said Stella Mauer, chairperson of the Forest Service committee coordinating the collections. Their manager said they had plenty of rice, but they could use some fresh fruit, and their large coffee pot and rice cooker needed replacing.

When the engineering division heard the need for a new coffee maker, they all chipped in and bought a new pot, in addition to contributing some food.

The Regional Office Information Resources Management staff kicked in a $125 gift certificate for a local food store so the Glory Hole staff could pick up any odds and ends they need to accompany their meals."

All told, the Forest Service donated 1,158 pounds of food, $145 in cash, a rice cooker and a new 100-cup coffee maker. Food donations ranged from a fresh ham to cases of oranges, apples, grapefruit and fresh eggs.

"I don't know who was smiling more when we unloaded the donations," said Forest Service employee Ray Massey, "our employees or the Glory Hole volunteers and residents."

The Forest Service Regional Office conducts three drives a year to collect food for local charities.

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