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Posted: Monday, April 24, 2000

It would be very appropriate if DIPAC would change its name to the Ladd Macaulay Memorial Building. He worked awfully hard to get DIPAC built and the city is so proud of it.

It's about time that we just simply outlawed so-called personal watercrafts in the entire state of Alaska. These dangerous machines are not useful for anything except causing accidents, getting people in trouble, making a lot of noise, annoying everyone else who is outdoors and disrupting wildlife. Let's just make them illegal and we won't have to deal with drownings and accidents.

Democrats for Don Young. Is that like teachers for ignorance or librarians for book-burning?

Who's in charge in the Senate? It certainly isn't Drue Pearce. She can't even make an adjournment date stick.

This state needs the initiative process. We need to privatize more government jobs to save money and have more time to hunt and fish.

For all you folks sniveling about junked cars, do your math. With 30,000 people - 15,000 of which may be kids - and 100 cars per year - your cost is as low as $3 a head for taxpayers. That much being said, how bad an eyesore is it? You can't get a big bag of potato chips for that amount of money. Snivel, snivel, snivel.

My fiancee and I spent a beautiful Easter day at Sunshine Cove. We fed ravens and watched the seals and eagles fish. On our way out, we filled a 35-gallon trash can liner with trash - mostly beer cans and bottles. No thanks are necessary, we do this all time. We just want to remind people who overlook their trash - pack it out. Don't be so ignorant.

I'm neither Christian nor homosexual so I don't have an ax to grind on the ongoing debate on defining marriage. As a bemused outsider, I must say that I find the gays to be much more tolerant, loving and appealing. Aren't these Christian values? And the Christians who are calling in to this column - does Jesus represent love or hatred?

Montana resident Warren Wiley is a colorful part of Juneau's past. However, Juneau is blessed with plenty of excellent wonderful writers who love Juneau enough to live here now. It's time for the Empire to let one of these writers take over Warren's column space.

Under the Juneau School District's current plan a high school student will never be required to study about Japan or India, only Western Europe. Have we forgotten that we live in a global community?

I can't believe that the federal marshals stormed into the house in Miami and took Elian by gunpoint. This is a low point in America's history. I'm ashamed to be an American right now.

I'm canceling my Empire subscription today. Next Easter, the first thing I see will be the beauty and the power of love and the human spirit. Life is to short and joy is all around us. It shouldn't be hidden in the back of a newspaper.

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