Smoke scourge

Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Did you know that secondhand smoke can be just as dangerous as smoking, especially to children? Infants are three times more likely to die from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome if their mothers smoke during or after pregnancy, and 5.4 million children suffer annually from asthma and ear infections as a result of secondhand smoke.

We think that in all restaurants, stores and any other public place, they should not allow smoking at all. We see way too many older people smoking around young children and in their homes. Secondhand smoke can kill faster that smoking a cigarette yourself. We once heard a commercial on the radio that talked about how adults may hate loud music. So they shut their door and they still hear it, so they shut their window, they can still hear it, so they go into a different room and it seeps through all of the cracks, and they put a pillow over their heads.

This is just like secondhand smoking - if one person is smoking everyone is infected by it. The smoke seeps through all cracks and you can not get away from it. Dawn has asthma, but whenever she enters a room filled with cigarette smoke she can not breathe that well, so she has to leave. If there were more places without smoke in them then people would be making more business, not as many people would be dying from it, and it would be a big difference by saving lives.

Dawn Palmateer

Lacey Wilson

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