Young Robin Hoods prepare for nationals

Posted: Tuesday, April 24, 2001

Carl Lundqust sat in the bleachers of the Floyd Dryden Middle School gym with some other young archers Saturday afternoon, talking about the importance of tight shot groupings. Suddenly Lundquist hopped out of the bleachers, figuring he needed an example to prove his point.

"You want the tightest grouping possible, and if you're really good you might Robin Hood it, like this," Lundquist said as he picked up two arrows that were joined from where Lundquist shot one into end of the other earlier that day.

Lundquist, an eighth-grader, is one of seven Floyd Dryden students who will be heading to the 17th Annual Redding Two-Day Western Classic Trail Shoot and Sixth Annual NFAA Marked 3-D National Championship on May 5-6 in Redding, Calif.

The seven young archers -- Lundquist, eight-grader Nathaniel "Tanner" Amdur-Clark, and sixth-graders Micah Amdur-Clark, Joey Funk, John Hill, Matt Hemenway and Joshua Wehnes -- were taking part in the Juneau Archery Club Indoor Safari and Turkey Shoot last Saturday in the Floyd Dryden gym. Saturday's event and an Outdoor 3-D String Shoot on Sunday at the Montana Creek Road Archery Range were both fund-raisers to help send the seven young archers to the meet in Redding.

"It'll be fun. The best archers in the whole country will be there," Lundquist said.

"As far as I know, this is the first archery team we've ever taken Outside," Floyd Dryden coach Marv Walter said. "We have some kids who have been working all year for this. It will be a quality experience for the kids."

Walter said the middle school archery program was started when he and Ed Mills were both at Marie Drake in 1986-87. He said they used to have archery classes in the Marie Drake building, and later at Juneau-Douglas High School. But when Walter moved over to Floyd Dryden in 1991, he brought the indoor shooting net and the program with him.

"We do it as a physical education class here and after school. There is actually a paid coaching position, like in basketball," Walter said. "This year, we got a Century 21 Grant in the school district that helped fund a lot of after-school activities, like the archery, chess club and others."

Lundquist, whose father Erik helps coach the Junior Olympic Archery Development program with Doug Bue, has been shooting for three years. But most of the other Floyd Dryden students said they just started earlier in the school year.

"Every day after school we go down to the (Montana Creek) range," Micah Amdur-Clark said. "It's a fun sport."

"Every Wednesday and Friday, we go into the school commons and shoot there," Lundquist said.

Besides the two weekend events, the student archers held a week-ender event (an after-school activities party followed by a dance), an arrow-a-thon (where pledges were made against the number of arrows each archer shot during Saturday's event) and they also went door to door to raise funds for the trip. Walter said the archers also took advantage of a Web special for a reduced airfare.

During Saturday's shoot, Lundquist had a score of 298 out of a perfect 300 for the safari targets and smaller turkey targets. That was a better score than the 296 shot by seven-time indoor state champion Kenneth Callahan, who Walter calls "The Fossil," although Callahan did use his fingers instead of a release like Lundquist when he shot. Callahan, who shoots in the seniors division, is also going to the meet in Redding.

"I'm sure those guys will show me a thing or two," Callahan said. "I go for the fun of it."

As for the younger archers, they said they expect tough competition in Redding. But they also feel they're ready for the trip.

"We'll do pretty good, I hope," Wehnes said.

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The results of the Juneau Archery Club's two shoots this past weekend, an indoor safari and turkey shoot Saturday in the Floyd Dryden Middle School gym and an outdoor 3-D string shoot Sunday at the Montana Creek Road Archery Range.

Saturday's results (300 points possible)

Student division (age 17-younger)

Traditional (fingers, recurve or longbow) -- Female: 1. Monique Mickelson, 52 (safari), 22 (turkey), 74 (total). Male: 1. Carl Lundquist, 107-77 -- 184; 2. Joey Funk, 97-77 -- 174; 3. Evan Thibodeau, 76-46 -- 122; 4. John Hill, 65-54 -- 119.

Bowhunter/barebow (fingers, no sights) -- Male: 1. Carl Lundquist, 146-142 -- 288; 2. Evan Thibodeau, 54-19 -- 73; 3. Klinton Funk, 31-28 -- 59.

Freestyle limited (fingers and sights) -- Male: 1. John Wehnes, 133-140 -- 273; 2. John Hill, 134-124 -- 258; 3. Carl Lundquist, 138-105 -- 243; 4. Klinton Funk, 108-124 -- 232.

Freestyle (release and sights) -- Male: 1. Carl Lundquist, 150-148 -- 288; 2. Josh Wehnes, 146-148 -- 294; 3. Tanner Amdur-Clark, 142-146 -- 288; 4. Micah Amdur-Clark, 101-126 -- 227.

Adult (age 18-54)

Traditional -- Female: 1. Joyce Mickelson, 53-33 -- 88. Male: 1. Keith Mickelson, 117-116 -- 233; 2. John Cooper, 71-129 -- 200.

Bowhunter -- Male: 1. Fred Clark, 97-69 -- 166; 2. Keith Mickelson, 24-0 -- 24.

Freestyle limited -- Male: 1. Tracy Moore, 148-140 -- 288; 2. Erik Lundquist, 140-130 -- 270; 3. Rich Helfen, 115-73 -- 188.

Freestyle -- Male: 1. Brian Fairchild, 150-146 -- 296; 2. Tom Wehnes, 142-138 -- 280; 3. John Cooper, 148-126 -- 274.

Senior (age 55-older)

Traditional -- Female: 1. Nancy Collinsworth, 76-107 -- 183. Male: 1. Don Collinsworth, 150-130 -- 280; 2. Marv Walter, 144-128 -- 272.

Bowhunter -- Male: 1. Marv Walter, 148-127 -- 275.

Freestyle limited -- Male: 1. Kenneth Callahan, 150-146 -- 296.

Freestyle -- Male: 1. 0-15 -- 15.

Sunday's results (210 points possible)

Student shooters (age 17-younger)

Traditional -- Male: 1. Joey Funk, score not available.

Freestyle limited -- Male: 1. John Hill, score not available.

Freestyle -- Male young adult: 1. Brian Fairchild, 195; 2. Jesse Eversmeyer, 80. Male youth: 1. Josh Wehnes, 160. Male cub: 1. Jessie Collins, 75.

Adult (age 18-older)

Traditional -- Male: 1. Chuck Hakari, 185; 2. Gary Price, 170; 3. Keith Mickelson, 70; 4. Forrest Messerschmidt, score not available.

Bowhunter -- Male senior: 1. Marv Walter, 165.

Freestyle limited -- Male senior: 1. Kenneth Callahan, 195. Male: 1. Tracy Moore, 190.

Freestyle -- Male: 1. tie, Clair Eversmeyer, 210; 1. tie, John Mazor, 210; 1. tie, Frank Fink, 210; 4. Dan Collins, 200; 5. Chris Pothoff, 195; 6. Tom Wehnes, 190; 7. tie, John Hecker, 180; 7. tie, Steven Hollmark, 180; 9. Ty Stafford, 170; 10. Mike Arnold, 130; 11. Billy Richardson, score not available; 12. Michael Newton, score not available.

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