City taxes out of line

Letter to the editor

Posted: Sunday, April 24, 2005

Is there anybody out there who feels that their property taxes are clearly out of hand?

I hear all kinds of horror stories about the unjust taxes levied on people's homes and business with little regard to any realistic real worth. The city of Juneau has taxed about every conceivable thing imaginable, but property taxes seem to be the prime thing to tax. I wonder how many signatures a petition would generate to put this petition on a ballot to be voted on, that would simply say that the assessed value of the property in question would make the city liable for that amount, if after 90 days on the market that property or home could not find a buyer for said property.

I would guess that we see a much more reasonable rate of taxation. It may also have an effect on the high cost of housing in the Juneau area. It might also force the city to free up some of the untold acres of so-called public land for the qualified buyers and would drive down housing costs and let more lower-income people into the housing market.

This was just a passing thought, but I wonder how people (taxpayers) are thinking the very same thing? It could be that no one really cares. It's like high gas and heating oil prices, pretty soon every one gets used to the high price and just sit back and say, "Oh well."

Bud Womack


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